Ubuntu 9.04 delayed (for me)

I received the Ubuntu 9.04 CD through shipit a couple of weeks ago, which was great. So, I sat down to install it in place of 8.10 last weekend, popped the disc into the drive, and then…nada. No acknowledgement of the CD at all. Turns out the drive was faulty – my laptop must have taken a knock at some point as BIOS didn’t even recognise that there was a CD-ROM drive at all, even after unseating and reseating it.

So, I called up Dell tech support, got a replacement drive sent out, which is now safely installed and humming away. Nice. Only problem is, I had taken the CD round to install Ubuntu on my brother’s laptop (which is now running well, except for a lack of wireless connection). I’d left the CD with him, so now I need to get it back before I can install 9.04 on mine…I’m starting to wonder whether I will get 9.04 installed before 9.10 is released. <Sigh>

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