Regex Functions updated

Taking a brief pause on the way to completing the currency converter, to revise the functions in the Excel regular expressions addin, Regex.xla. I’m really rather slack in leaving it this long – it was pointed out to me several months ago that the way I had passed error values back to the calling cell did not work as intended if the return value was not a Variant. For instance in RXGET the intent of

RXGET = CVErr(xlErrNA)

is to have Excel display #N/A in the cell. As it’s returning a String rather than a Variant however, it displays #VALUE! instead. So I’ve altered the return types to Variant in all the functions, to allow for more meaningful error values to be returned.

It was also pointed out more recently that using IsMissing to test for the presence of an optional parameter and provide a default, like so:

If IsMissing(start_num) Then start_num = 0

will not work, as IsMissing works on Variants only, rather than primitive data types. Actually it’s a better idea to specify default parameters anyway, then there’s no need for this logic. So that’s what I’ve done.

Thanks to Colin and mifrey for pointing out the above issues. I’ve replaced the add-in on fileden, and if you like the code changes can be inspected at the Regex functions page.

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