About Geoff

Number cruncher, SAS programmer, Excel fanboy, living and working in Wellington, NZ. Very occasional blogger who hopes to one day have more time on his hands in order to blog less occasionally.

Please feel free to get in touch at the address below if you like what you read here (or if you don’t). Please be aware I do get a fair amount of correspondence and I can’t respond to everyone. I generally won’t do free promotion for your product or service unless it’s something I use myself and/or am genuinely convinced makes me more productive, more efficient or better looking.

Contact: geoffness8{at}gmail{dot}com


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5 thoughts on “About Geoff

  1. Roz says:

    I was reading your article: SQL passthrough in SAS

    I am trying to link to a UDB db/2 database but am unable to set the libname up correctly:

    libname Toolbar oledb init_string=”Provider=IBMDADB2.1 ;
    Integrated Security=SSPI;
    Persist Security Info=True;
    Initial Catalog=abc123;
    Data Source=xyz123″ ;

    Can you help?


    • geoffness says:

      Hi Roz

      I haven’t accessed DB2 databases from SAS, so I won’t be much help I’m afraid. Depending on the error message you’re getting, it may pay to confirm that your connection string works from another client.

  2. Harry Percival says:

    Apologies if you feel this is a little spammy, but we’re looking to recruit beta users to our web-based spreadsheet tool. I saw you’re a bit of a python hacker, so hopefully you’ll think this is interesting – http://www.projectdirigible.com

    If you’ve already come across Resolver One, it’s basically the web version.


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