FBReader in Ubuntu 8.10

A lot of mornings on my way in to work on the train I like to read a book on my laptop. FBReader is a simple, attractive open source e-book reader that handles a large range of formats and provides a structured view of the e-book collection.

FBReader is available from the Ubuntu repositories – just a click away through Synaptic or Add/Remove Applications:

Add/Remove Applications
Alternatively, of course, you could just type at the command line:

sudo apt-get install fbreader

And you’re good to go – start adding your e-books. The library can be viewed as a tree, and books tagged however you like:
FBReader Library

Supported formats include epub, fb2, oeb, rtf, html and plain text, among others. Notable exceptions are pdf (apparently there are plans to implement support for text-only pdf files) and doc. There are also a few really nice features, including direct reading from tar and zip archives, automatic library building, automatic table of contents generation, text search and preserving the last book and last read position between sessions. Happy reading!