Ubuntu meets Windows 7

Benchmarked: Ubuntu vs Vista vs Windows 7

I saw this on Slashdot this evening and, feeling mildly interested, decided to take a look. While it’s certainly interesting to compare performance between operating systems, I always find it more entertaining to read the inevitable arguments, trollbaiting and poor spelling/grammar that follow. I think my favourite was

“Doesn’t anybody use a spell-checker? Despite the various Windows versus Linux/Ubuntu arguments, I’m going to go out on a limb, and guess most of you use Firefox, which by default has a spell check. Please, for the love of the Internet, use it!”

I would be quite keen to get my hands on the machine they used for testing:

“Our test machine packed an Intel Core i7 920, which in layman’s terms has four cores running at 2.67GHz with hyperthreading and 8MB of L3 cache. It also had 6GB of RAM, plus two 500GB of hard drives with 16MB of cache.”

I think I could get quite decent performance using any OS on a machine like that…